… Know your risk. Get the competitive edge.


Today’s business environment is more complex than ever.

Organizations across industries face a range of uncertainties that require constant vigilance to ensure success.

‘Risk management is about playing both defense and offense.’

Find out how you can use risk management to make better strategic decisions
for greater and more sustainable business growth.

What are an organization’s most
common frustrations?

Uncertainty  ~  Volatility
Complexity  ~  Ambiguity

What do organizations really
want to achieve?

Engaged workforce ~ Revenue growth
Healthy bottom line ~ Operational integrity

What can Sysenex do to help you achieve your goals?

  • Identify, understand and manage both operational and organizational risks.
  • Prioritize, monitor and mitigate areas of exposure to protect profitability.
  • Develop risk agility and increase risk resiliency.
  • Successfully address the ever-increasing rate of market change.
  • Deliver value to clients from identification to modeling to mitigation of risks.

No matter what the risk challenge, our aim is to deliver solutions
that meet the business objectives of our clients.

Sysenex also powers a web-based SaaS tool – Program Risk ID –
for product and service development projects.
For more information about our full range of risk management services, please contact:
Hector Del Castillo   |   delcastillo@sysenex.com     301.523.9478
Laurie Wiggins   |   wiggins@sysenex.com   |     703.216.1509