60-80% of Mergers and Acquisitions Fail Within 3 Years

Without solid M&A strategies and Due Diligence services, these projects don’t meet their objectives, and they lose money.


Considering selling your company?

Interested in acquiring a company?

Looking for suitable partners to grow your business?

Sysenex provides M&A strategy and due diligence services, including:


    • M&A strategy development, addressing goals, objectives, target profiles and target research.

    • Due Diligence methodology that identifies gaps in 20 company profile areas.

    • Integration planning and monitoring.

Sysenex empowers clients to meet company objectives including revenue and growth.

For Sellers

Position your company to achieve maximum value.

For Acquirers

Avoid overpaying and hidden liabilities.

We serve mid-market commercial firms and government contractors with M&A strategy and Due Diligence services. We work across industries, focusing on technology and IT, including:

  • Product and Service Development

  • Healthcare IT

  • Medical Devices

  • IoT

  • Pharma Manufacturing

  • Aerospace

About Sysenex


When you acquire a company, how do you know that you are making the right choices? If you are selling your company, how can you maximize your selling price? Are you having trouble meeting revenue goals, growth targets or other objectives?


Sysenex helps organizations identify, assess and address risks and opportunities for expedited growth and increased profits.


We do this for:


  • Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, both buy side and sell side

  • Organizations having problems achieving their business objectives


We work with mid-market organizations that want to grow through M&A. We work with companies in technology, software, pharma, medical devices and product centric companies. We assist buyers in identifying targets, performing operational due diligence, and integration plan development and implementation. We assist sellers in maximizing their valuation before sale.

If you are considering an M&A transaction, and need support in your M&A strategy, set up an appointment and let us show you how we can assist you.