David Hall, Director of Risk Management

david hall

Career Highlights

David Hall boasts a career that includes over 40 years of systems engineering, risk management and program management experience in DOD, NASA, Department of Commerce, state and local agencies, and numerous industrial and commercial companies. He has successfully completed all types of programs and activities, conducting both comprehensive analytical studies and implementing solutions to problems and risks.

Dave has trained over 5000 people in systems engineering and risk management tutorials, seminars and short courses using training materials he developed and provided. He was one of the Train-The-Trainer leads for NASA in the early 2000s providing consistent risk management training and process improvement for all NASA Centers.

Dave spent several years working for the Missile Defense Agency in their quality, safety and mission assurance program.


Dave is a certified INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He has been published extensively in peer-reviewed journals featuring his risk management/systems engineering articles and reports as well as technology development and operational use analyses. He is currently the INCOSE Certification Advisory Group Chair and involved in both the INCOSE Risk Management Working Group and the INCOSE Security Working Group.